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This is a virtual channel of comunication between teachers and students at JVG Phonology Laboratory. Try to consult it periodically, since important information and last minute news will be posted here!!

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Lab Jvg is in Facebook now!!!
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Dictation and Transcription Practice

Dictation  &  Transcription


                  (for self study)

The following material has been compiled and recorded by Prof. Cinthia Smith, as part of her special work ("tareas pasivas") over the last months, since she is recovering from an operation on her vocal folds. We thank Cinthia for this wonderful contribution!!

The material has been devided into two groups: Phonetics I and Phonetics II.
Phonetics I shows no intonation marks.
Phonetics II provides intonation marks. However, it can also be used by first year students, if those marks are disregarded.

This self-checking material consists of audio files, presented in a full version (for general comprehension purposes) and an exploded version, that is a version with pauses to give you enough  time to write. This means that you will not need to worry about pausing the recording to write. You can just let it run and concentrate on your work! Then you can check your work with the .pdf  file containing the text in phonemic script (key). There are also some files for transcription practice.

It is highly recommended that you follow the order in which the different folders, and the files within each folder, are presented. They have been carefully graded according to their length and degree of complexity. In the case of Phonetics II, for example, they begin with short exchanges, and they include a couple of tones only. In subsequent files more tones are added and the texts are longer.

Start working... and good luck!!

       Phonetics I

Dictation Practice
Transcription Practice

        Phonetics II

Dictation Practice