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This is a virtual channel of comunication between teachers and students at JVG Phonology Laboratory. Try to consult it periodically, since important information and last minute news will be posted here!!

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Lab Jvg is in Facebook now!!!
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Appointment Regulations

As a complement to your regular lessons we are able to offer a series of extra practice sessions in the lab (kind of “tutorías”) that we call Appointments, precisely because in order to attend these sessions you need to book an appointment, as you do when you have to go to the doctor’s or to the dentist’s!!

Appointments are optional and independent from your lessons, and your teacher will not take them into account for promotion purposes. Therefore, you are under no obligation whatsoever to attend them. However, appointments are highly recommended since you get lots of extra practice supervised by a phonetics specialist.ment

The very first thing you need to do is to request your Appointment Booklet, a kind of “Passport to Appointments”. In order to do so you have to complete the Appointment Booklet Request Form here, buy the Booklet in Cooperadora, complete it with your name and course and leave it in the lab to be registered. Once you submit it, allow approximately a week (it might be less!) for the information to be processed and to be given a Register Number. Then come to the Lab and contact an assistant to claim your Booklet. Remember you will be using the same booklet in the years to come, so take good care of it (do not laminate it, though, please!). 

NOTE: Complete the form only ONCE. If you already had an Appointment Booklet from previous years and you lost it or it is full, please contact an assistant. Do not request another Booklet here.

Now you can start making appointments!! In order to put your name down for an appointment you have to follow these steps:

  •  First you need to consult the posters that are exhibited in the lab, both inside and outside, near the door. You can also click on the "calendar" section of this Blog (on your left). The appointment timetable is usually published on the Institute Web page, too. These posters indicate the days and times for the appointments and the name of the assistant teacher in charge.
  • Once you’ve checked the appointments available, decide which ones of the many being offered fit your own timetable.
  • Once and only once you’ve made up your mind about when you can come, can you contact any lab assistant teacher and let him/her know when you would like to come and the assistant will check availability. Appointments have a limited capacity and operate on a “first come, first served” basis (both for the booking aspect and for the actual practice!), so sometimes they get booked up and your name cannot be added on that list. Therefore, try to always come to the assistant with more than one option, in case the one you selected first is not available.
  • You can only make “individual” appointments, for a single session. You cannot enrol for the same time for the whole year (eg: “every Monday at 10:00 until the end of the year”). This is to make sure that everybody can have access to the different availabilities. There will not be “regulars”. If you want to come always at the same time you have to make independent appointments for every time you want to come.

When you enrol for your first appointment, you will be given an “Appointment Booklet”, a kind of “Passport to Appointments”. The assistant who registers your appointment will put your name on our list and will also complete your booklet with the date for your appointment and will sign it. It is convenient for you to have the appointment booklet with you at all times while you are at the Prof. Every time you come to make an appointment you have to bring your Booklet along with you, since NO REGISTRATION WILL BE MADE WITHOUT YOUR APPOINTMENT BOOKLET.

When you come for the appointment, the assistant will ask for your booklet and sign your attendance. YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY COME TO AN APPOINTMENT WITHOUT YOUR BOOKLET.

If you have made an appointment, but later you discover that for some reason you cannot make it, you will need to cancel the appointment. In order to do so you have to come to the lab (or send someone else), but always with your booklet, and the assistant will cross your name from the list and sign your cancellation in the booklet.

You have the right and the privilege to make use of these extra classes, but once you have made an appointment you have the obligation to attend it. If you are absent to more than 2 (two) appointments you have booked without previous cancellation, you will be suspended for a month.

Through this system we seek to foster responsibility towards your own learning process and concern about your fellow students and your teachers.