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This is a virtual channel of comunication between teachers and students at JVG Phonology Laboratory. Try to consult it periodically, since important information and last minute news will be posted here!!

Lab Jvg is in Facebook now!!!

Lab Jvg is in Facebook now!!!
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Coaching Lessons Material

Phonetics I Coaching Lessosns
(Prof. Francisco Zabala)

We have successfully launched the special coaching lessons for phonetics I on Thursdays. Prof FranciscoZabala is already working with Dictation and Transcription with those students who are willing to get extra practice, especially those who need to take final exams.

Each class will consist of a self-contained activity (transcription and/or dictation)  with the corresponding discussion of mistakes and rules. No theory topics will be taught, since these are meant to be only practice sessions. 
The intended audience in the first term are those students who still have Phonetics I as a pending subject and need to sit for final exam in May and July/August and also those students who are taking Phonetics II and need to improve on their transcription and/or dictation skills fom the sound (segmental) perspective. Notice, though, that no suprasegmental information (intonation, nucleus) will be covered. 

In the second term, first year students can join in, in view of their own term tests and final exams.

You can meet Frank every Thursday from 16:50 to 18:00 in Lab 2 (the "small" lab).  Don't miss this great chance to practice and get feedback!

In order to make the most of the sessions, we are going to upload here in the blog the transcriptions to be discussed on each day you meet. The transcriptions have been organized according to the date in which they will be discussed. So if you are planning to attend a session, make sure you check here to work on the right transcription assigned for the day. The idea is that you do the transcriptions at home and bring them to class, so the time in class can be devoted to correction and discussion of mistakes.

Transcription Practice  (Check the dates!!!!!)